ERBF Featured on RARE Revolution Magazine

RARE Revolution Magazine is a quarterly, first of its kind, digital magazine for the Rare Disease Community. It seeks to give a voice to those affected by rare conditions and the charities and organisations that represent and support them.

The latest edition of this magazine has Ipsen serving as the editorial sponsor and focuses on Rare Bone Disorders. We are happy to share this issue where the European Rare Bone Forum (ERBF) is featured in an interview with one of our founders, Inês Alves (patient expert and ePAG for the ERN BOND, and also founder of Beyond Achondroplasia and ANDO Portugal).

Read the full interview:

For the full issue of the RARE BONE edition of RARE Revolution Magazine click here.

To learn more about the ERBF work, closing the gap between researchers, pharmaceutical companies and patient organisations, visit our website.