ECTS Symposium

ERBF Sponsored Educational Symposium

“How to overcome research barriers on rare bone conditions” will be the main topic of our Sponsored Educational Symposium at the ECTS Congress 2022 — 8th May | 13.30 | Auditorium 101. The whole research process entails various steps and demands collaboration. Researchers, clinicians and patients often encounter multi-level barriers in the development and/or execution…

Rare Bone Disease Summit 2021

The Rare Bone Disease Summit 2021 aims to collaborate towards improving the lives of people living with rare bone conditions.

ERBF Call to Action

The CALL TO ACTION project

The European Rare Bone Forum, requested a proposal from Costello Medical to assist in a call to action to shorten the time between research and clinical care.

ERBF Featured on RARE Revolution Magazine

We are happy to share the RARE Revolution Magazine latest issue where the European Rare Bone Forum (ERBF) is featured in an interview with one of our founders, Inês Alves.