The CALL TO ACTION project

How to shorten the time between research and clinical care, with effective access to treatments for Rare Bone Diseases (RBD)?

The Call to Action project is a ERBF initiative that aims to analyse the current RBD research landscape, identify unmet needs in RBD and their societal impact, identify current gaps or barriers that are hindering R&D processes, and propose solutions to address these.

Phase 1 of the will focus on collecting evidence to provide valuable insights into RBD research including the identification of key opinion leaders (KOLs) and top research institutes, key unmet needs and their societal impact, gaps or barriers hindering R&D progress, and potential solutions to address key challenges. Findings from this project will feed into Phase 2 of the ‘call to action’ which aims to influence policies at the national and European level.

Find out more about the European Rare Bone Forum Call to Action here.